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True healing requires us
to heal past trauma,
move beyond fear,
strengthen our minds
and bodies, and evolve
our consciousness.
Ashley Brothers -
Founder of IOCE

The Epic Journey Begins Here

Welcome to the Institute of Conscious Evolution where you can receive healing, readings, spiritual counseling, customized personal retreats, and training in divination, shamanism, and energy medicine. If you are ready to take quantum leaps in your own spiritual journey, keep reading or go to the menu bar to see what we offer.

We've all heard the phrase, "Where attention goes, energy, life force, and power flows." What we embody in terms of thoughts, emotions and energy is the filter through which we see and experience life. Our thoughts and emotions generate an electromagnetic field that attracts and repels events, circumstances, opportunities and relationships based on the frequency of the energy we are embodying (aka generating). If we embody fear and negativity, we generate a low vibrational field that attracts more negative and fearful experiences. If we embody gratitude and positivity, we will find and create evidence of that instead. How does it work?

Scientists have discovered that the human heart has a brain of 44,000 cells (neurons) that creates the largest electromagnetic field in the body, but that field is affected by our thoughts and emotions. A person that is swamped with stress and fear only emits 20 photons of light from their heart, but a person in a meditative state can emit 100,000 photons of light.

Fear, pain, grief and suffering lower our emissions of light which is a form of energy and power. This low vibration can leave us feeling sick, tired, unhappy, drained and possibly make others around us feel low too, but love, gratitude and joy emit a field that is so powerful it can not only heal us in miraculous ways, it can also raise the vibration of other people around us without us having to do anything more.

We need to remember what we are capable of. This awareness starts with learning about the technology of the mind, body and consciousness and how to use them effectively to have the best quality of life. Understanding energy and nature through ancient healing techniques can help you achieve your goals of healing, evolving and manifesting by clearing the fear and trauma of the past, developing your intuition, creating a blueprint for a better future, and generating an electromagnetic field that matches what you seek.

When it comes to ordinary reality, many people are searching for:

• Answers to questions and solutions to problems
• Control over their life
• Ways to heal the root cause of trauma
• Freedom from disease and addiction
• Alternative medical practices that promote health and wellbeing
• Help with their relationships and finances
• Holistic health practices that they can sustain long-term without having to rely on expensive products, supplements, medications and procedures

In terms of non-ordinary reality, people are seeking to:

• Develop their own intuition and gifts
• Improve their manifestation skills
• Remove blockages
• Talk to their spirit guides or higher self
• Explore their akashic records and soul contracts
• Reclaim their health, joy, abundance, passion, power, and purpose because they know that somewhere deep inside themselves is the answer and the key. They just don't know how to find it or use it for their highest good.

Whether you are a new seeker of alternative health practices and realms of consciousness or you intend to become a professional healer, spiritual counselor or reader, Ashley Brothers created the Institute Of Conscious Evolution to help you achieve your goals of being your happiest, healthiest, most empowered version of yourself. She offers a variety of services and classes in shamanism and energy medicine that blend science and spirituality to help you connect, interact and communicate with the powerful intelligence that is within and all things in existence.

Ashley offers in-person and long-distance sessions throughout the world. Training workshops are currently offered in person in Bend Oregon. If you seek reclaim your health, wellbeing, and power, evolve your consciousness, or develop your relationship with the living universe, the epic journey begins here. Check out our services and classes to see how we can best be for service to you.

NOTE: We respect Western Medicine services and products for those that need them and seek to complement or supplement for those that seek an alternative.

Remote Sessions

Sessions are available in person in Bend Oregon or long-distance throughout the world via skype, zoom or whatsapp. 206-550-6292

Shamanic Journeys, Mediumship & Tarot

Shamanic Journeys, Mediumship & Tarot

Whether you need information about the past, present or future; insight and advice on love, health, career, or life purpose; information about events, circumstances or relationships; medical mediumship; messages from loved ones who have passed or just answers to a myriad of questions, check out our shamanic journeys and intuitive readings page that is labeled "psychic readings" or push the button below to be connected to the page. Ashley channels a transcended spirit that not only changed her life, but also saved it when modern medicine left her to die. Ashley and her guide have helped people throughout the world since 2009, when they first met.

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

Maybe you don't know what you want or need, but you just feel lost, stuck, blocked and unable to move forward in life. Energy Medicine is great for dipping your toes into the water in terms of experimenting with alternative healing techniques. Energy medicine calms the nervous system; decreases pain, tension, and fatigue; improves mood, digestion, sleep, health, vitality and passion; and restores flow to all areas of your life.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Ashley offers in-person and long distance sessions that include a mix of shamanic journeying, written mediumship, energy medicine, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, power symbol retrieval, shamanic extraction, chakra cleanse and illumination, compassionate spirit release, and spiritual counseling. These in-depth sessions heal past and present life trauma; remove intrusive energies and entities; identify limiting beliefs and soul contracts that need to be edited; and so much more. Check out our Shamanic Healing page for full details on what we have to offer.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling

We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. Sometimes traditional talk therapy doesn't cut it when it comes to matters of the soul. If you seek to understand to understand your thoughts, emotions, life choices, events, circumstance and relationships from a spiritual perspective, this type of session may be for you. We discuss topics like karma, life purpose, soul contracts, soul mates, unfinished business, limiting beliefs, blockages, generational trauma and curses, health (aka medical mediumship, solutions, problem-solving, and techniques to heal and empower the mind, heart, body and soul.

Shamanic Practitioner Training

Shamanic Practitioner Training

Ashley has been trained in core and multicultural shamanism from medicine men and woman throughout the world. She has compiled what she considers the best, most effective and powerful healing techniques from all of her mentors. Courses include shamanic journeying, chakra cleanse and illumination, shamanic extraction, soul retrieval, compassionate spirit release (aka compassionate depossession), divination, dying consciously, house blessing, spiritual counseling and more. 

About Ashley Brothers

About Ashley Brothers

Ashley is a motivational speaker, spiritual counselor, teacher and intuitive healer that has been practicing ancient and modern healing techniques since 2004. She facilitates in-person healing and workshops in Bend Oregon, as well as remote healing and reading sessions for people throughout the world. Her passion is assisting people in becoming the best versions of themselves by identifying and overcoming trauma and limiting beliefs; healing chronic pain and disease without expensive products; restoring health and wellbeing; igniting passion and joy; solving problems; setting and achieving goals; and learning how to use the technology of the mind, body and soul to manifest their greatest reality.

Her work is a blend of techniques from cultures across the globe that combine science and spirituality to access alternate states of consciousness for information, problem-solving, power, protection and healing. Ashley's life was filled with hardship and adversity since birth and she found that western medicine had its uses, but it was limited in what it could do for someone who had experienced such profound pain and suffering that she couldn't tolerate the sound of a human voice or the touch of human hand.

Life had become mentally, emotionally and physically unbearable and there was nothing modern medicine could do to give her back what she had lost. It reduced her symptoms, but it could not heal her mind which only wanted to shut down and escape ordinary reality. It could not heal her body when it was overtaken by a rare disease. Nor could it help her reclaim her passion, power, and purpose, her desire to live or the parts of her soul that made her feel happy, healthy and whole.

So, Ashley used her training in ancient wisdom traditions to not only shut off a rare terminal disease, but also reclaim all the pieces of herself that she lost due to three and half decades of abuse, trauma and neglect. She now enjoys life without the mental, emotional or physical symptoms that plagued her for most of her life and she has made it her mission to help others find solutions to life's problems, end the cycle of psychological and physical suffering and help people across the world reclaim their health, life force, vitality, passion, power and purpose through modern and ancient techniques.

For more information about Ashley's journey, continue reading below. If you find yourself struggling, don't just suffer in silence or think that is the best your can have or do. Ashley is living proof that they is more to life than just surviving the night. She can teach you how to thrive.



​​"It's difficult to articulate Ashley's full scope, as she offers everything from psychopomp (helping souls transition to the other side, like a death doula) to soul retrieval (finding unresolved traumas from past lives and energetically healing them). It is pretty much as mysterious as it sounds: Deeply intuitive, Ashley will riff on everything from your spirit guides to your spirit animals, touching on life path and purpose and the soundness of your relationships. She's based in Sedona, but also does sessions over the phone." - ​

Elise - GOOP Magazine -

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