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Whether you are a wisdom-seeker or a wisdom-keeper, the Institute Of Indigeous Alchemy welcomes you onto the path of healing and mastering consciousness. This is a global infusion of teachings, rites, initiations, songs and ceremonies that shamans, mystics, medicine men and women put their apprentices through all over the world. We invite you to let go of your suffering and limiting beliefs and step into the river of universal consciousness where you will learn how to transform wounds into medicine.

Why Are You Here?
Discover & master your gifts, passion & purpose 


Are you ready to shift your consciousness out of victimhood into that of the healer, the luminous warrior, healer and master?

Are you ready to let go of the wounding stories, thoughts, habits, beliefs and imprints of the past to live a happier, healthier life?

Are you ready to step off the freeway of fate and karma and onto the side road of destiny and dharma?

Are you ready to discover and develop your true self, your gifts, skills and life purpose?

Are you ready to learn to talk to, and build a relationship with, the consciousness that beats your heart; your spirit guides, allies and ancestors; for problem-solving, power, protection, and healing?

Are you ready to take you place at the sacred fire, to step into infinity, for personal, ancestral and global healing backwards and forwards through time?

You are the change-maker, the way-seer, the hero, the ally, the ancestor, the wisdom-seeker and wisdom-keeper that you and your spirit team has been looking for. You. Just like there are spirits, allies and angels without physical form on the other side of the veil helping us do our work, we are the angels with form here to help them do theirs.

On this path, you will learn shamanic healing and energy medicine to help you connect with your guides, your higher self, and to discover and develop your own unique gifts. You will learn techniques to help others release their wounding imprints, extract intrusive energies, compassionate spirit release, soul retrieval and how to live and die consciously. You will also have the opportunity to discover your soul contracts, divine the mysteries of the universe, and counsel others through difficult times. Come learn how to build a relationship with the universe, co-create your life from a place of empowerment, and help others do the same. Release the suffering of the past and reclaim your future.

There are no psychedelics involved. This is about learning pure consciousness-shifting and life-alter techniques where you are both the master and the tool. YOU. You are all you ever needed to find, hold, and pass power and healing to others. Just you.

Classes are taught in-person here in Bend, Oregon. Call to schedule your private teachings for yourself, pairs or small groups.

Step Into Infinity
Meet Your True Self

Unlock The Door To Your Soul. Your Destiny Is Waiting For You On The Other Side.


Whether you want to become a healer for others or just learn to master your own consciousness for your own growth and evolution, the journey workshop is the first step into discovering your truth self, gifts, skills and developing your relationship with the divine. During the journey workshop, participants are introduced to core shamanic techniques that allow them to reach the shamanic state of consciousness that is necessary to access alternate realities for information, problem-solving, teachings and healings. You will be given the opportunity to meet your power animal in the Lower World, your spirit teacher in the Upper World, and see what wisdom Mother Earth has to share with you in the Middle World. You will also learn how to retrieve power animals and power symbols for yourself and others. (No Prerequisites.)  



This workshop is an introduction to the Light Body, its anatomy, and functions. Participants will learn how to access the chakras and shift energies to release stored imprints, and memories of past trauma, that have us continually recreating the same wounding events, circumstances and relationships over and over again. Switch off genetic diseases; reset the nervous system out of fight or flight; and restore DNA back to its original blueprint of perfect health, vitality and wellbeing. (Journey exp. preferred, not required)



During the extraction workshop, participants are taught how sense, see, and remove localized, intrusive, spiritually-based energies that manifest into pain and illness if not dealt with. You will also learn how to program crystals and perform underworld extractions in the 4 chambers of the subconscious. The training is to learn techniques for working on others, not those seeking a personal healing. (Prerequisite – journey workshop/experience)

Anyone who experiences stress, abuse, trauma, illness or neglect is prone to the loss of soul essence and heart coherence. This can lead to physical, mental and emotional illness, addiction, and, in severe cases, comas or death. In this workshop, participants will learn how to recognize “soul loss”, perform “soul retrieval”, and how to empower the luminous energy field to ensure maximum integration, greater health and wellbeing. Learn about momentum tunnels, switching timelines, retrieving power and aspects of your consciousness that are connected to your personality, gifts, talents and possibly an entirely new destiny. Why look to the past when you can go 10,000 years into the future and bring your fully healed self back to the present? These ideologies and techniques are shamanic and do not include Western psychology or medicinal practices. (Journey & extraction req.)

Death is considered scary to many people, especially because of the uncertainty of what happens to us during and after the dying process. This workshop is for those who wish to learn for themselves, assist others in terminal situations, or who help transition those that have become stuck between worlds. Learn how to help people unravel the tapestry of their earthly experiences, make peace with what has occurred, find resolution, and say their I love yous and their goodbyes. Whether you choose to be an end-of-life companion or a psychopomp (transitioner from one world to the next), this course has answers for you. Discover ways to ease pain and suffering, lighten burdens from the soul, perform last rites, and accompany a loved one to the gates of the Destiny of Human Souls in the upper and lower worlds. Step into infinity where there is life after death and we can retain our wisdom and consciousness from one incarnation to the next. (Journeying, extraction, and soul retrieval required).

Participants will learn how to set up sacred space, clear out dense, low-vibrational, stagnant and/or intrusive energies, set up protection, and raise the vibration of land, homes, and offices using a variety of indigenous healing techniques. This course includes learning how to create powerful despacho ceremonies for rapid transformation and manifestation. (Prerequisite – Journeying, extraction, compassionate spirit release and soul retrieval workshop/experience) 

The world is a gigantic tarot card, with all the answers to every question. Through different divination techniques, you will learn to access the realms of myth and dream; tap into, and unlock, the mysteries of the universe by asking the right questions; and reading the signs of destiny that surround you. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Discover and interpret the language of your own soul and how to communicate with your higher self, Mother Nature, and the Universe. (Journeying recommended).

When we are seeking healing, it can often be difficult to find someone we trust that lives close by. Sometimes we do our research and find the ideal healer in another state or country, but we don’t have the time or resources to travel to where they are. That’s ok. The amazing thing about shamanic healing and energy medicine is that time and space are irrelevant. Powerful healing can happen at any distance if you learn the right techniques. Long-distance healing is especially useful in case of emergencies when a client or loved one needs healing immediately, but they are in a situation that prevents them from getting to you. Don’t limit your healing practice to your local area. Take it to the next level . . . across the globe . . . by learning how to truly step into infinity and access the universal river of consciousness. (Prereq – Must have journeying, extraction, and soul retrieval courses. Compassionate spirit release and dying consciously strongly suggested prior to this class).


Do you feel frustrated, blocked, stuck, and unable to move on with your life? Are you in a difficult situation or experiencing conflict in a relationship that you just can’t seem to resolve through “normal” ways? Are you ready to move onto the next phase of your life but just don’t know how to make the necessary changes that you can commit to? Transform your life and resolve conflicts using this ancient technology where the impossible suddenly becomes reality. (Prereq – Must have journeying, illumination, extraction, and soul retrieval courses.)

Do you, or someone you know, feel lost, stuck, or incapable of change? Is there something or someone standing in the way of you manifesting your dreams? Is there a past or present life wound that needs to be healed, a soul contract that needs to be rewritten, or a curse that needs to be unraveled? Is there a helping spirit, ancestor, or part of your own soul that has a message for you? In this course you will learn how to problem-solve personally, or counsel others professionally, from a shamanic perspective. You will learn how to phrase questions to get the most useful information. You will be taught specific journeying, mediumship and divination techniques to find blockages and solutions, possible and probable outcomes in a manner that is ethical, graceful, useful and empowering for both you and your client. Step into the river of consciousness and learn how to access and communicate with the Divine. These ideologies and techniques are shamanic and do not include Western psychology or medicinal practices. (Shamanic Journeying is required. Extraction, soul retrieval and psychopomp strongly encouraged).


   Are you curious about your life purpose? Do you need a change, but feel stuck or uncertain where to start? Learn how ancient healers were able to determine the course of the soul's path and how to change it for a better future. In this class we discuss soul contracts, the freeway of Fate and Karma, the side roads of destiny, and how to change momentum tunnels. You will chart your current path and your desired course, learning how to bridge the gap between realities as the powerful quantum being that you truly are. (Journeying required)
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