Are there areas of your life that are not working? Do you find yourself recreating the same wounding events, circumstances and relationships over and over again? Are you having trouble with your health, your business, marriage, or your relationships? Do you feel incapable of seeing and moving past your current state of being? Do you feel stuck in rut, lost, alone, misunderstood, hopeless, or helpless? Do you hear voices or feel like you are from another planet, but are afraid to tell anyone because of how they will react?
You are not alone. People all over the world are facing challenges and crises and are having a difficult time processing or moving past what has happened to them in the past or currently happening to them now. When we don’t fit into societal molds, we are taught to feel fear and shame, as though there was something wrong with us. We’ve been taught to believe that it’s all in ours heads or it’s just a case of “mind over matter,” but what if it’s not? What if the problem is more than just the body or mind? What if it is lifetimes or generations old, passed down from our ancestors or previous incarnation? What if our problem is SOUL DEEP? In these cases, traditional therapy might not seem to work or lack the deeper answers to life’s mysteries that you seek.
Whether you are seeking guidance about your spiritual path, or insight, clarity and resolution for life's issues, Ashley has 15 years of experience as shamanic and energy medicine practitioner working with individuals, couples and groups, in-person or long-distance, throughout the world. You can read Ashley’s personal story of trauma and healing through Shamanism on her About Me page.

A session with Ashley offers insight about past and present life wounds or ancestral patterns. She can help you identify spiritually-based blockages, intrusive energies, curses, limiting beliefs, soul/energy loss, and how to resolve these issues. Ashley can also shed light on your life purpose, gifts and skills, your current momentum tunnel, how to switch timelines, and how to build a bridge between your current state of being and what you seek manifest. This work is about identifying core problems and how to shift your consciousness, thoughts, habits and beliefs in a sustainable way to have a happier, healthier life. Sometimes we are too close to the situation to see the truth about what is really happening and why or how to get out of it.
These types of sessions are separate from tarot readings or shamanic journeys where Ashley channels her information directly from her spirit guide and records everything he has to say about your situation in his own words. Check out Readings and Journeys under the Shamanic Healing section for that type of session. You can contact Ashley for a free consultation if you have questions and to see what best suits your needs.
MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: All techniques and methods are entirely spiritually-based and have nothing to do with western medicine or psychiatry. Ashley is not allowed to diagnose, prescribe, or treat within these disciplines and encourages you to discuss your conditions and options with your approved healthcare providers and make all of your decisions from a place that feels right to you.  Trust your knowledge and intuition.


For any of my current of past students, ongoing mentoring sessions are available if you have questions, seek clarity or advice for techniques you learned, case studies, or further devoloping your healing business. Mentoring sessions can be via skype of long distance.