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Welcome to the Institute of Indigenous Alchemy. My name is Ashley Brothers. It's my passion and purpose to share the powerful and transformative technologies of the ancient wisdom traditions from across the world.  In these times of chaos and uncertainty, it is important to remember our gifts and our power. Everything we are searching for is inside of us. We are both the creator and the creation. It's time to remember who we are, what we came here to do, and how. Please see my story below to see how this work not only changed my life, but also saved it many times.


Ashley is an inspirational and motivational speaker, artist, poet, teacher and intuitive healer. She facilitates in-person healings and wisdom teachings at her home in Bend Oregon, as well as remote healing sessions for people throughout the world. Her passion is to assist people in becoming their empowered selves, discovering and honing their gifts and skills. Ashley's life was not an easy one and yet, despite her hardships, she has found that life is beautiful and worth living if you honor your heart and soul's calling. It is because of disconnection that people feel lost, get sick, and depressed. Her approach to healing and teaching is to help others reconnect with their ability to heal and communicate with the Universe and all of creation. We all have it in us, that natural birthright. It's been conditioned out of us through school, media, parenting, and trauma. Ashley is here to help guide you back to wholeness, harmony, happiness, health and empowerment. 

The Early Years:
Although she didn't start her formal training in multicultural shamanic healing techniques until 2004, Ashley's gifts of intuition, premonition and clairvoyance began when she was still a baby. She still remembers standing at the edge of her crib watching spirits walk around the room. Needless to say, her early experiences made nap time and going to bed at night quite a unique, and often unpleasant, adventure. Ashley's most startling memory was first recounted to her parents when she 19 years old. Her mother had juvenile onset diabetes and Ashley asked her about an event in which her mother had collapsed on the living room floor for several hours. To this day, Ashley can still recall what her mother was doing, wearing, and watching on the TV prior to the event. When Ashley explained what happened that day, including how she played with her sister until their father got home, her mother burst into tears. Ashley was then told that her mother had been in a coma for several hours while her sister played next to her unconscious body. She had not been fed, nor had her diaper been changed, in over 7 hours before their father got home, but she was happy and content. When Ashley asked why no one talked about HER presence in the room that day, it was explained to her that she had not yet been born; that her mother had been 6 months pregnant with her at the time of the event. So, for 19 years, Ashley remembered a real event and factual details, recalling that it was she herself that been playing with her 2 year old sister that day.

Gift or Curse?:
As Ashley grew, she had multiple premonitions that allowed her to be at the right place and time to prevent an accident or, in some cases, a death. She was also extremely empathic, able to feel a multitude of other people's thoughts and emotions simultaneously. Her gifts came sporadically and often induced fear, confusion, depression and anxiety. She didn't know how to shut them off or call upon them, making her life, and ability to interact with others, very painful and difficult. She heard voices and saw eyes or faces looming above her bed at night. She felt the presence and touch of invisible malevolent beings day and night. Sometimes she encountered angelic presences that would intervene on her behalf, but she predominantly experienced the unpleasant side of the human and spiritual realms. Compound that with a history of abuse, divorce, and the death of her mother, Ashley developed severe anxiety, depression and PTSD, for which she was medicated during 2000-2004. During that period, Ashley shut down and most of her gifts were suppressed, along with her personality.

The Reading:
In January 2004, Ashley went for a tarot reading that would change her life forever. As she bent down to pick up her purse, the reader asked Ashley if she knew she could speak to the dead. Chills went down her spine as she sat up and stared at the woman who then slid the business card of Ashley's first spiritual mentor across the table to her. 

Ashley's first experience with shamanism began at life purpose workshop in her hometown of Seattle, WA in early 2004. There she learned different divination techniques that helped her access information from alternate realities. After that, she received her first healing that would utterly change her life. 

Soul Retrieval:
Prior to Ashley's first healing (soul retrieval) in 2004, she experienced a wide range of mental, emotional and physical illnesses that made coping with life nearly impossible. She could barely tolerate the sound of a human voice or the touch of a human hand. She isolated herself from the world; slept long hours; and self-medicated with food and cigarettes. Within months of the healing, Ashley was able to hug her family for the first time in years without cringing. She lost 100lbs; quit smoking; had her first massage; enrolled in massage school; ceased all medication; and began her training in energy medicine and shamanic healing techniques. To say that she became a different person; a happier, healthier person, with a life full of amazing experiences, is an understatement. What Ashley didn't know, when she started this journey, was that her gifts and training would someday save her own life.

Takayasu's Arteritis (AKA - The Pulseless Disease):
In November 2005, Ashley underwent a surgery to have 2 ovarian cysts removed. Unbeknownst to her, the doctor had left something behind that led to a massive infection that spread throughout her whole body, destroying some organs, and damaging others. It took 7.5 months for them to finally perform a 2nd surgery that revealed a retained lap sponge, two grapefruit-sized abscesses, and organs that had to be surgically separated. She lost her left ovary that day and the rest of her reproductive system 8 months after that, but her journey did not stop there. 

Ashley endured a 10-year path of multiple surgeries; severe pain; organ damage, failure and loss; countless seizures; 16 miniature strokes; and the development of a rare, and often fatal, autoimmune disease (Takayasu's Arteritis) that nearly took her life on multiple occasions. It's a rare autoimmune disorder that first inflames your arteries and aorta and then scars them so badly that you lose the blood supply to whatever they are attached to. In this case, it affected so many parts of Ashley's body that she was forced to pre-pay for her own cremation and get her affairs in order. 

Because her multitude of conditions were the result of medical malpractice, Ashley was ostracized and refused care by over 40 doctors in her home state. She turned to her helping spirits for the counsel and advice that saved her life.  It was through her desperation and the dying process that she cultivated her relationship with her spirit guides, teachers and alternate realities. What they taught her about herbs, diet, and lifestyle put her former condition in remission. You wouldn't know by looking at Ashley that the blood flow to both of her legs, her left arm, and brain flow through synthetic tubes or that she had to relearn how read, do math, eat solid food, and use the left side of her body all over again. She enjoys a fully functional, active life that includes travel, hiking, and weightlifting. With the help of her compassionate spirits, she did what the medical community considered impossible.

During this difficult period of her life, Ashley made it her mission to travel all over the United States and other countries to seek the wisdom teachings that she now passes to others through her healing sessions and training in various indigenous shamanic techniques.

Ashley's training includes mediumship, journeying, soul retrieval, extraction, compassionate depossession, divination, oracle work, dying consciously, chakra illumination, reiki, massage, craniosacral therapy, sound therapy, pranic healing, reflexology, and countles shamanic  initiations and ceremonies from cultures throughout the world since 2004. Teachers have included Master Choa Kok Sui (pranic healing), Char Sundust, Foundation For Shamanic Studies (Michael Harner), Betsy Bergstrom, Bhola Banstola, Four Winds Society (Alberto Villoldo), and other private indigenous individuals that were gracious enough to share their wisdom, songs, ceremonies and dances. Without them, Ashley would not be here. 

Occupational History: 
Ashley has worked in the medical field since 1997. She started off as direct care provider for developmentally disabled and mentally ill adults in group home settings. From there she became a medical claims examiner and supervisor for Social Security Disability. She was on the board that created the paperless electronic filing system for the entire United States Social Security Disability program. She became a medical massage therapist and reiki practitioner in 2005. 

Ashley's extensive medical training (1500+ hours) and experience, combined with her spiritual gifts, training and experience, equip her to deal with a wide range of populations. She is not only knowledgeable of physical, mental, and emotional conditions; their limitations and conventional treatments; but she is also gifted in taking a holistic approach to healing on multiple levels. She goes for the root source of a problem instead of the superficial symptoms. Ashley knows, through experience, that addictions, illness, and dysfunction are usually a result of imbalances and feeling disconnected. Her multicultural, multidimensional modalities allow her to tailor her healing and training sessions to meet your unique individual needs. She acknowledges that she is not a medical doctor and will gladly, and safely, work in conjunction with your healthcare professionals if that is your wish.  Her greatest desire is to bring you back to wholeness, love, harmony, abundance, optimal health and wellbeing in whatever way suits your comfort level and highest healing good. Thank you for reading. May you have a blessed day.

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