The Institute Of Indigenous Alchemy
Ashley N H Brothers
Practitioner & Teacher of Indigenous
Energy Medicine Techniques

Remember That You Are Sacred 

Long Distance Healing
Healing can happen no matter where you are in the world, or what you are doing, at any given moment. All services can be done in-person or remotely. During "Long Distance" healing sessions, I first complete a diagnostic journey to assess what needs to be removed from, or returned to, you at this time to bring forth your highest healing good. I then perform a healing ceremony in which I set up sacred space and call in our helping spirits.
Shamanic Journeying
While in a trance-like state, I will "travel" to alternative realms of spirit to seek teachings and healings that will bring wisdom and empowerment to you. Find out what is standing in the way of your true self ; why certain areas of your life aren't working; and how to make your dreams a reality. Dare to ask those difficult questions and be brave enough to seek the answers.
Soul Retrieval
Step into infinity, where anything is possible. Heal the past and claim your destiny, your true self. Retrieving vital essences lost due to abuse, trauma or neglect can return a person to their original blueprint of optimal health and wellbeing. Reclaim your happiness and passion for life. Live you wildest dreams.
Hello. My name is Ashley Brothers and my mission in life is to ease the suffering of those that inhabit this earth. I seek to assist people in unraveling their own myths and restoring their health and vitality. By discovering the root of their suffering, digging it out, and returning what is authentic and essential to their wellbeing, miraculous transformations happen. I know it is possible. I've lived it. Step off the freeway of Fate that keeps you recreating the same wounding events, circumstances and relationships over and over again, and claim the destiny you've always dreamed of. Do more than dream a little dream. Live life like you mean it. 
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